For the women of SilverShadows menopause isn’t just another stage of life. When their estrogen is depleted, it unleashes their destiny: to become members of a powerful sisterhood of ancient medicine women. Bound together by changes in genetic coding caused by a radical mixture of a potent natural herb and a global pandemic thousands of years ago, their special clan is about to welcome a new member.

Sara Templar has no idea she is about to become one of the most physically and mentally powerful women on earth and initiated into a special group of older women who defend the globe against their mortal enemies, the Caco. When her grandmother is killed transporting a vial of the herb responsible for their powers, Sara finds herself in a race against time to find the cylinder before the evil Caco can use it to dominate the world.

Inspired by how strong, powerful, and wise women are as they age, Helen Jane Chihal turns the usual modus operandi of superheroes on its head. A wildly imaginative and wonderful tale that gives women of all ages a brand new race of heroes to look up to, The Silver Threads of Time: A SilverShadows Book is as extraordinary as it is entertaining.

Thoroughly enjoyable!!!! As a menopausal woman, what fun it is to find humor and magical powers in my hot flashes.
I can't wait for the sequel.